Welcome to the Official site of Mirkwood Forest!

Mirkwood Forest is a casual, social guild that welcomes all types as of players, whether you're a veteran or just starting out in Tamriel! We have a wide range of interests as well as membership. We host events that include dungeoneering, PvP, Battlegrounds, questing and trials...just to name just a few! Additionally, we have weekly raffles and seasonal contests for those who want to feel blessed by Sheograth's luck (or madness!). We also have a guild hall that includes the perks of having all the craft stations, a transmutation station, as well as a guild bank full of goods!

NEW OR INTERESTED MEMBERS: If you are interested in joining the guild, you will need to register first, by filling out the application linked below. There are no requirements to join the guild but this lets us know you would like an invite in-game. Also, while our guild's site is still young, there are many benefits to joining such as access to photo albums, polls, suggestions, character guides, etc. Once you apply and we give you access you will be able to see the rest of the site and threads.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Please register on the site and fill out the application for the guild, which is below this post and at the top most of all threads, and select the option that you are already in the guild. Once you apply and we give you access you will be able to see the rest of the site and threads.

Thank you all for your interest in our guild, and for being part of this great group of friends! We do this for each one of you and could not do it without you!


Welcome to Mirkwood Forest's Official Website! Click here to join the Guild!

Interested in joining our Guild on the Elder Scrolls Online PC/NA server, or our Discord group? Click here for an invite, and one of our officers will get to you as soon as our lives allow!

Guild Announcements

Get updated on the latest information such as events, competitions, opportunities and happenings in the guild!

Guild Information

Here you will find information related to the Officers, ranks and requirements, Discord, the QuarterMaster Discord bot and more!

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